Cooling System Cooling System Type Pressurized Closed Recovery Water Pump Flow -gal/min (l/min) 253.6 (960) Fan Type Pusher Fan Speed (rpm) 1680 Fan Diameter mm (in) 117.6 (44) Coolant Heater Wattage 2500 Coolant Heater Standard Voltage 240 V Fuel System Fuel Type Natural Gas Carburetor Down Draft Secondary Fuel Regulator Standard Fuel Shut Off Solenoid Standard (Dual) Operating Fuel Pressure 7” – 11” H 2 O Engine

Electrical System System Voltage 24 VDC Battery Charging Alternator Standard Battery Size See Battery Index 0161970SBY Battery Voltage (2)12 VDC Ground Polarity Negative ALTERNATOR SPECIFICATIONS Standard Model WEG Poles 4 Field Type Revolving Insulation Class – Rotor H Insulation Class – Stator H Total Harmonic Distortion <3% Telephone Interference Factor (TIF) <50 Standard Excitation Permanent Magnet Bearings Single Sealed Coupling Direct, Flexible Disc Prototype Short Circuit Test Yes Voltage Regulator Type Full Digital

Number of Sensed Phases 3 Regulation Accuracy (Steady State) ±0.25% Electronic ±0.25% Engine Governing Governor Frequency Regulation (Steady State) Lubrication System Oil Pump Type Gear Oil Filter Type Twin Full flow with intercooler Crankcase Capacity – L (qts) 90L (95) Connecting Rods Alloy Steel Cylinder Liners Cast

Alloy Steel Ignition Electronic Number of Main Bearings 7 Make Generac Cylinder # 12 Type 90° V 25.8 (1574) Bore – mm (in) 132 (5.20) Stroke – mm (in) 160 (6.30) Compression Ratio 10:1 Intake Air Method Turbocharged/Aftercooled Cylinder Head Cast Iron – OHV Piston Type Aluminum Alloy Crankshaft Type Forged Alloy Steel

Lifter Type Solid Intake Valve Material High Temp Alloy Steel Exhaust Valve Material High Temp Alloy Steel Hardened Valve Seats High Temp Alloy Steel

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